Ash Grove Kitchen Outbuilding

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Ash Grove Kitchen Outbuilding


c. 1790


Eighteenth Century Plantation Outbuilding Kitchen & Quarters .

Ash Grove House, dating to circa 1790, was built by Thomas Fairfax on land that had been acquired by the Fairfax family in 1740. The small brick structure, identified as an outbuilding, is also presumed to date to c.1790. Its large fireplace and iron crane, with a beehive bake oven built into the wall next to it, identify its use as a plantation kitchen. The second floor, reached by still extant stairs and a trap door, includes a small fireplace, most probably served as living quarters for the enslaved individuals who worked there.


Thomas Fairfax


Fairfax County Inventory of Historic Sites Nomination
Fairfax County Park Authority Archaeology and Collections
Our Stories and Perspectives Excavations and Artifacts Offer Clues Into Ash Grove’s History - Articles of Interest from the Fairfax County Park Authority:

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Ash Grove Historic House. 8881 Ash Grove House Lane, Vienna, Va


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Courtesy FxCo Park Authority (FCPA)


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