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Woodentown was an enclave of several houses with residents that included a large family whose name identified the neighborhood. Woodens were associated with Cartersville Baptist Church, located on Hunter Mill Road, near Crowells Corner.

Ash grove kitchen outbuilding.jpg
Eighteenth Century Plantation Outbuilding Kitchen & Quarters .

Ash Grove House, dating to circa 1790, was built by Thomas Fairfax on land that had been acquired by the Fairfax family in 1740. The small brick structure, identified as an…

These interviews were conducted with an African American resident of Vienna who was aged 100 when the last interview was conducted in 1974.

This commemorative booklet dedicated to the founder of a Christian ministry in Vienna includes many family histories and individual biographies of African Americans in the area.

This booklet was prepared to commemorate the principal of the Vienna Colored School, renamed in 1950 in her honor.

This booklet tells the story of this Vienna church that was founded after the Civil War through the backing of a Union veteran who settled in the community

Little Town in Virginia places the reader in the time and years of the author, growing up during a time when segregation was in full effect. This happens twelve miles from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. The author blends history and humor…

The Carter Family page 148-151

1970s interview on audio tape in the office that has not been digitized.: Mr West died in 1978 at age 104.

Oral History taken in February 2021 by Sylvia Taylor, Historic Vienna, Inc. Board Member. They discussed Preston’s growing up in Vienna, his career as a Fairfax County Police Commander, being the first African American Commander at the Mount Vernon…

Gloria Runyon and her family have lived in Vienna, Virginia, as she puts it, since “before it became Vienna.” Her roots in the town grow at least as far back as her great-grandfather, a Cherokee Indian, who built the home in which she still lives.…

This interview brought together James & Gloria Carter, Ronald Honesty, Jean Minor, Ted & Lorraine Thomas, and Daniel Bunaugh. The group discussed a wide array of subjects, including attending Louise Archer (formerly known as the Vienna Colored…

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