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The Fairfax County History Commission‘s goal for this project is to capture, communicate, and preserve the African American experience throughout Fairfax County’s history. An inventory of African American residents’ contributions, churches, homes, schools, communities, events, etc. has been collected to document the African American culture and history of the county. The collection of general resources and research topics has been prepared for all ages, residents, students, and historians to increase interest and knowledge about Fairfax County’s diverse population. The list is not all-inclusive. The inventory is a living document; additional inventory items may be added in the future.

Visitors are encouraged to contact the AAHI coordinators with questions or contributions of additional information of any site or resource.

Contact Us

Lynne Garvey Hodge, History Commission Chairperson

David L. Meyer, Vice Chair

Mary Lipsey, AAHI Coordinator

Phyllis Walker-Ford, AAHI Coordinator