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III. Enslaved/ Slavery

Online -Slavery Inventory Database, LLC (SID) by Maddy McCoy  

Slavery in Braddock District   

Outrage Near Spring Bank - Slave Resistance in Fairfax County Yearbook: Historical Society of Fairfax County, Virginia, Volume 18: 1982 p. 9.  

The Story of Ravensworth: A history of the Ravensworth  

Buried Lives: The Enslaved People of George Washington’s Mount Vernon        

Bound to the Fire: How Virginia’s Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine, by Kelley F. Deetz, 2017   

Two Women Researched Slavery In Their Family. They Didn’t See the Same Story”   

The Day Slavery Bowed to Conscience,by Ken Ringle. July 21, 1991  The Washington Post. 

Among His Slaves: George Mason, at Gunston Hall, and the Idealism of the American Revolution, by Terry K. Dunn   

Mount Vernon online videos about the enslaved people  

Underground Railroad   

Underground by Shane W. Evans   

Dawn of Day: Stories from the Underground Railroad -   

Conn’s Ferry - the story of the escape of enslaved Ellick, by Debbie Robison  

A Sunset Escape to Freedom Along the Potomac  

The Transatlantic Slave Trade Encyclopedia Virginia

Slave Ships Encyclopedia Virginia

Slavery in Fairfax County, Virginia 1750-1860: a research report prepared by Donald M. Sweig

New W &OD , cemetery signs explain county’s history of segregation

Underground Railroad Map     

 Underground Railroad Journey to Freedom >Experiences

Underground Railroad in Virginia

George Washington’s Forgotten Slaves

Virginia Slave Trade  Statistics  1698- 1775

The Negro in Virginia A planned study completed for the WPA by the Federal Writer’s Program. African American staff of the Writer’s Program interviewed @300 once enslaved from Virginia to tell the “story of the Negro” from the African American point of view. Using the interviews and factual research, their writing describes “Negro” life  in Virginia from Jamestown.The book was recognized as a Book of the Month club in 1940.

The Origins of Slavery in Virginia

Freedom is Not Enough: African Americans in Antebellum in Fairfax County

Give Me Liberty African Americans in the Revolutionary War

Runaway Slave Advertisements

The Enslaved at Green Spring Farm

Ona (Oney) Judge, runaway slave

Slave History Near Little River United Church of Christ

Historic Overview of the Woodlawn Quaker Meetinghouse

 Virginia Slave Laws