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Fairfax Colored School 2




After fifty years of use, the Fairfax Colored School needed to be repaired or replaced. Community members formed the Fairfax Colored School League to petition the School Board for a new building. The School Board agreed but would not provide all the funding. After five years, the league had raised enough to purchase the land. The League applied for funding from the Rosenwald Fund. The second school was dedicated on May 7, 1926. The school was used until the Eleven Oaks School opened on the same property in September 1953. Eleven Oaks remained open until 1966 when all schools in Fairfax County were desegregated and the Eleven Oaks students were bused to six other elementary schools.


Town of Fairfax

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Eleven Oaks School


School Street


District in the town of Fairfax in Fairfax County, today, Fairfax City

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President of Sears and Roebuck, Julius Rosenwald worked with Booker T. Washington to help provide education to Black students in the South. The Rosenwald Foundation covered a portion of the cost, and the rest would be raised by the local community and the school board. At least three Rosenwald schools were built in Fairfax County: Fairfax, Seminary, and Oak Grove.

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