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19th century


A Black community existed in Dunn Loring after the Civil War along Haney Lane, where Kilmer Middle School is located, and in the area west of what today is the Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire Station 13 at 2148 Gallows Road. That land was owned by George A. Merry (also known as G. Albert Merry).
East Woodford was the name of the community. Also sometimes listed as Eastwoodford, some of it was said to be along Electric Avenue in Vienna. The 1940 Census lists some of the African American residents residing there. (For example, Virginia Haight, age 18, identified as Negro, residing there with George C. Haight, 23, and Alene Haight, 1.)
In 1938, East Woodford had a Negro school (listed as such in Fairfax County School Board minutes). And Dunn Loring Elementary School land (2334 Gallows Road) was bought in 1938 from a formerly enslaved man known as Uncle Joe Taylor (D.L. Joseph Taylor), who died in 1950 at the age of 103. He had purchased land in 1878 “on the upper side of what is now the Dunn Loring school.”
During the Spanish American War in 1898 Camp Russell Alger was located at Dunn Loring. The railroad was used to transport troops and goods. Entrepreneurial local residents shuttled soldiers to and from camp.


George A. Merry


Revolutionary Days thru Spanish American War. Dunn Loring - Idylwood by Ethelwyn H. Meyer, Un- dated, manuscript (Box 1, Folder 4 in Fairfax County Public Library Virginia Room)
Plat map of property owned by George A. Merry, 1960 July 19, Fairfax County Public Library
A History of Dunn Loring, Virginia, by Lee and Ruth Saegesser, 1986, Fairfax County Public Library
U.S. Census 1940 and various years.
Fairfax County property records; addresses changed and locating most deeds was not successful. Deed Book 2094, page 266 for fire station; the ire station land originally was at the Gallows Road and Hunter Road intersection; today Hunter Road is Cedar Lane; also Deed Book 2885, p. 633 shows part of Merry’s lot 8. Wolftrap Road and Haney’s Lane was Merry land.
Fairfax County School Board Minutes Oct 8, 28, 1938, pages 474-475.

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