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Jerusalem Baptist Church


late 1800s - present


The white frame church was preceded by the brick church Payne’s Church, an original colonial Anglican Church. That church building went unused after the American Revolution. It is believed that Baptists may have started meeting there as early as 1800. [Evans]

The Jerusalem Baptist congregation formed on May 17,1840. During the Civil War, the Confederates used the church as a hospital. Later Union soldiers dismantled the church and used the bricks to build winter quarters. During that time the congregation met in family homes, until the white frame church opened in January 1867.The church’s Black and White membership remained steady through the years. Most of the members lived within walking distance of the church. Baptisms took place in nearby streams or ponds. [Braddock’s True Gold]

This well-maintained cemetery dates to the time of Payne's Church, according to the buildings survey. In addition to the many gravestones scattered about the cemetery, there are several standing, uninscribed slate markers, some wooden markers, and many fieldstones. A few gravestones are in the bushes at the rear of the cemetery. [Find a grave]


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5424 Ox Road (route 123) near Fairfax Station



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Jerusalem Baptist Church is on the Fairfax County Inventory of Historic Sites



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