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Fairfax County Colored Citizens Association 30th Anniversary Booklet - 1941.pdf
The Colored Citizens Association was founded in September 1928 in Merrifield, Virginia. The sixteen founders, both male and female, chose three watchwords to represent their association, “Vigilance, Progress, and Cooperation.”  In 1941 the…

A lodge of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, only recently organized, turned out on its first mournful occasion near Hunter’s last Tuesday,
to attend the funeral of Sister Daisie Wooden, and which took place at 12 o’clock, in the presence of a…

In 1938, Victor Green, a mail carrier in New York City, recognized a need for a guidebook, describing where African Americans could eat and stay during the years of the Jim Crow segregation. The “Green Book” was published for over 30 years and…

A compilation of information about Fairfax County residents who were recorded on the 1860 census. One can search by family name and find 1860 slave census records and 1861 personal property tax lists which include the number of slaves owned

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Center on Society and Health produced this work for the Northern Virginia Health Foundation with the help of a 14-person advisory board made up of historians and local experts. Topics include the following: …

Bernie Boston - Legendary Locals of McLean; Page 104

This commemorative booklet dedicated to the founder of a Christian ministry in Vienna includes many family histories and individual biographies of African Americans in the area.

This booklet was prepared to commemorate the principal of the Vienna Colored School, renamed in 1950 in her honor.

This booklet tells the story of this Vienna church that was founded after the Civil War through the backing of a Union veteran who settled in the community

Little Town in Virginia places the reader in the time and years of the author, growing up during a time when segregation was in full effect. This happens twelve miles from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. The author blends history and humor…

The Carter Family page 148-151

“Historic Cemetery Halts Road Project” The Connection newspaper April 19, 2006
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